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   LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE RADIO with Beverly Kennedy, Host, and our Public Trustee,  South Florida.... .told the real "facts from "fiction © concerning  who actually was responsible for releasing  "the real  condemning Clinton emails" .........and it wasn't the Russians! The 15,000 emails were also sent to this web page email from a DNC STAFF MEMBER( probably Seth Richards)  working for the DNC. He was murdered 4 o clock in the Morning. July 10 , 2016 , 1 month before the DNC CONVENTION! It will be 2 years since the real facts of an obvious "Clinton Corruption Caper" was exposed. SANDERS  DIDN'T HAVE A CHANCE ! 

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 Because Roof's temperatures start off over 80°  degrees in Florida summer, fall, and spring time; and the summer sun heats roofs above 170°,   Asphalt and anything claiming to have Asphalt in it becomes as dangerous as Asbestos. The Specification sheets and MSDS sheets must carefully itemize the instructions for use and application. But if your roofer or Contractor usually farmed out to a subcontractor, comes from more Northern regions or are new residents do not read these life saving instructions, they will cause serious harm to your family, dogs & cats' health and DNA. You must pass on this information about the danger to your health !  Asphalt = Asbestos

Using any  ROOFING SYSTEM  and driveway paving or coating which contains ASPHALT CAN CAUSE CANCER, PERMANENT LUNG DAMAGEBIRTH DEFECTS OR OTHER REPRODUCTIVE HARM.  Some asphalt products exposed to high temperatures effect changes in DNA.  MAKE SURE ALL Roof PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN APPROVED BY EnergyStar©! White roofs save you $$$ by lowering your energy costs at least 30% and will help eliminate hurting our fragile environment and causing climate change!   ref: Diversity Planning Institute Research , 2001,Dept. of Community Affairs. Florida

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**** " The Political .....and"Financial Fiascoes still pending in Broward County, Florida
          Broward County Commissioners  voting for a Fort Lauderdale street car"The Wave" , whose range of transportation is only 2.3 miles  is insane ! Yet, not promoting the free "Street car " bus transportation downtown Ft. place already is INSANE.  Not CONNECTING  to Tri-Rail in the first phase is insane! It will FAIL BEFORE THE 2ND PHASE...  Another "Boondoggle " for Fort Lauderdale!
          Not to hook up the downtown  Fort Lauderdale Tri -Rail Station to the Port and Airport is insane. Or is it  Broward politics as usual?
Debbie Wasserman Schultz US Congress gets another quarter of a million dollars TO WASTE ON The Wave ! Check her financial donors connected to that 'BOONDOOGLE  PROJECT!!

           Not to finish constructing a sewer system for parts of the exclusive Town of Sea Ranch Lakes and a small gated  community, part of town Lauderdale By The Sea which are located on the Intercoastal   waterway across from the ocean is insane!
For the Broward County Commission to  ignore  building a 5-Star Hotel next to the Broward County Convention Center for almost 25 years ! Insane!

           It is insane that the Florida State Statute, TITLE V, CHAPTER 28, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT (25 pages) for the necessary and  needed implementation of "Checks & Balances "  Is totally ignored by the incumbent Broward  County  Commissioners , who should know the 'revised" Broward County Charter, 2002, 2010 do not follow basic essentials of Broward County Charter laws ...."the people in the majority vote must approve of all changes to the Broward County Charter!"The public must be properly noticed for important Commission issues!

    Bev Kennedy's" FACTS  FROM  FICTION" list of  gross mismanagement  of  BROWARD  COUNTY GOVERNMENT
  (1.) There is no Constitutional officer(CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT) that is mandated by Florida State Constitutional law protecting the civil rights and liberties of the people of Broward County, providing the necessary "checks and balances"of local Government.

 (2. ) There is no  complaint  process or management system  direct to  notify the Clerk of Court, The Clerk of the County Commissioner, the Auditor/ Comptroller of the County all the Constitutional and State Statute duties of the Clerk of the Circuit Court  that will  help the people,  the pro-se litigants and the legal community, and residents a method  to report,  rectify, and  correct:  Court administration errors, corruption or mistakes intrinsic or extrinsic,  missing and falsified documents, and missing court files, altered Court calenders & dockets changed after the fact,  obstruction of justice, and clerical  mistakes, or  problems with service  or public property maintenance of any part of Broward County Government  or Administration.
No accessible  free handicap & suitable senior  parking with safe drop off areas at the Ft. Laud. Courthouse; and  no free wheelchair availability at any Broward courthouses: denying access to the disabled, infirmed, and poor.  Charging $10/min.
for any part of  a day up to 4:00 for the public to use the more convenient Courthouse Parking, even for Seniors and the handicapped at the downtown Fort Lauderdale Courthouse is arrogant and cruel for the disabled people  .... County Commissioners!
  ( 4.) The County Auditor  should be under the responsibilities of  the Clerk of  the Circuit Court  for "checks & balances" ; but is not!   Also the ex-officio Clerk to the Broward County Commission is not  properly assigned to the correct Constitution mandated  officer, the Clerk ofthe Circuit Court! ( instead the secretive County Manager/ Administator, who does not represent the people of Broward has the power, but is only under the thumb of the Broward County Commissioners  )
              The revised Charters of Broward 2002 , 2006 , 2008, and 2010) incorrectly, against the Florida Constitution, even against Broward's own Charter have this very important duty  wrongly assigned to the County Administrator instead. We need the Politicians of Broward County to correct this gross lack of "Checks & Balances" !
        ( 5)    The Broward Clerk of  Court , Forman should have installed the CLERICUS  Management  System for better service, Training, upgrades for E-filing and at NO COST TO THE PEOPLE or taxpayers of Broward County at  least 6 years ago! The incumbent, Forman choose the inferior, Lobbyist led , Oydessy management, e-filing system costing the court millions of dollars 4 years ago. Howard Forman refused the best system  for our County approved by the www.FLCLERKS.COM  (facc) system ,which includes  all: Hardware , software, training, upgrades to all dept.s e-filing,  and  automatic updates of State Statute requirements . 
             Bev Kennedy,  led the reform  for greater transparency of the Court's budgets and expenses by leading the movement to have the State legislature change all oversight organizations of the Clerks and Comptrollers of the State, made completely public and moved to Tallahassee instead of  quasi / private organization. (Flccoc) that was located in Orlando!  
                  Never can the Clerk of Court have a paperless office.  The original filings and safe and dry storage must always be the responsibility of the Clerk of Circuit Court as the Custodian of all court documents, according to the Fl. State Constitution and Fl. State Statutes !
    Thanks to the 2010 Florida Supreme Court mandate for electronic  filing, only through electronically copied files, can the integrity of all court filings, motions, evidence, judges orders, court calenders will be guaranteed free from" editing after the fact " or sometimes disappearing, for the first time in a decade, began in 2013 !
                Bev Kennedy,  as the founder  and now President & CEO of Diversity Planning Institute, Inc.( helped protect the rights, environment, health and financial needs of South Florida .  ( Florida's  Diversity Community),
Kennedy also has 40 years of Public Service in Broward and Palm Beach Counties and Florida. 
 Beverly arrived in  Florida from Haiti , where she was the only live Haitian TV Talk Show host and TV Producer in Haiti 1973-1976.
     Beverly(Burris) moved permanently to South Florida 1976. Kennedy's background and her life experiences are perfect for the largest Diversity population in the US! .
 She is fluent in French & Creole. Fact ! Creole is not a written language  or spoken officially in Haiti or with Haitians. It should be legally and officially..... French!

 And remember it was Bev Kennedy (Aug. 10th, 2010) that helped ensure Broward County has an Inspector General and a County ethics bill, when she spoke up for the people in front of the Broward County Commission .   AND WITH YOUR SUPPORT... We will report on those who threaten this important Inspector General's Authority to defend good ethics and Constitutional procedures protecting our fragile Democracy.
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