The Best Choice for a Better Broward ! - Beverly Kennedy
Beverly B. Kennedy is the only Florida editor and talk show journalist that has the experience and  certification as a fiduciary trustee for Florida State Public Employee Pension Plans, by the  Fl. State  Association of Board Trustees for Police & Fireman Retirement Systems. She also was a Nationally certified fiduciary for Public Employee Pension Plans, by the N.C.P.E.R.S.(National Conference of Public Employee Retirement systems).  Now in 2014 she has finished the Supreme Court County Court Mediation Certification course and is eligible  co-mediate small claims County Court cases.
 Beverly  Kennedy  was the first civilian appointed to the Executive Board of the Fort Lauderdale Police & Fireman retirement System as Secretary of the Board of Trustees .
Beverly  is  one of the only woman of any Political Party in  Florida  that was chosen  & trained to lead our Country by the year 2000, by The Woman's Campaign Research Fund.( Senator.Nancy Polosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein,  Governor Ann Richards,
Senator Barbara Boxer, and other  women National leaders in the 1st class of 50 woman. Bev Kennedy was chosen for the 2nd class of 50 woman sent to Southern California State University for the amazing training conference.
Beverly Kennedy was the first winner of Broward County's Economic Alliance, Financial Division,1986
 Beverly B. Kennedy first woman to be trained and certified  from the Florida State Board of  Professional Engineers to be appointed to ABET  ( National Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology) that was responsible for the accreditation of the Schools of Engineering & Technology of the University of Florida and The University of Miami.1991